Portfolio of Magnus Gyllenswärd

Future Health Care Concept

A concept project on the Microsoft Surface table, posing questions around the future of health care. This application lets users investigate their health data over time and it allows for comparisons between average situations and the users own data.

Spotify for Windows Phone 7

I created the graphics of this Windows Phone 7 app together with Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin at Spotify. The interaction design was made by Niklas Wolkert at Ergonomidesign. The reviews have been very nice so far: Gizmodo.com wrote ‘This Is How Every Windows Phone App Should Look’, businessinsider.com wrote ‘Gorgeous Spotify App For Windows Phone Is Finally Here’.

Swegon air handling unit

Complete design, hardware and software, for a professional, industrial, indoor climate regulation system. A touchscreen with a dashboard UI, drilldown to settings and adjustments of temperatures, inflow and outflow.

ITT Flygt pump station interface

Touch screen interface for waste water pump stations. History data on water levels is always visualized in the background and every sub menu is reachable from every screen for fast interaction.

Sonicspree Music Game

A music game for the Windows Tablet and the Microsoft surface table.

Various websites

Website design and coding for barcampstockholm.com, gamefacemedia.com.

Music Application

A completely made up, not functioning, not interaction designed graphic exploration of a user interface for a music application.

Pinball Expo 2011

Promotional material created for the Pinball Expo in Chicago 2011. The project included a poster, a web site, a booklet, a street ad and an iPhone app.

Various logos

Diabetes education tools

A range of Microsoft Surface Table concepts for better understanding of diabetes and its implications.

Daily buttons

My contributions to the site dailybutton.com

Sustainable smart phone

This phone concept focuses on exchangable and biodegradable parts, a battery charging system that provides transparency to the types of energy used and a UI that communicates with the user via the depth of elements on the screen.

Medical product icon set (227 icons)

Over 200 icons in various sizes were created for a client. Designed to fit on a dark as well as a light background.


Albert Sjnitke Album Art

Interpreting the music of Albert Schnittke (Swedish spelling used for the project), the resulting poster, three album covers and a notebook aims at expressing a shattered, broken but still classical style.

Book Cover

Design of the cover of ‘A Whole New Mind’ by Daniel H. Pink. Since the book describes the transitions from the industrial age to the information age and on to, what Pink describes as the, ‘conceptual age’, the concept of the design is aiming at describing these different stages and describing the ‘conceptual age’ as one that breaks free from the structures of the previous ones.

Adrian Frutiger Exhibition

A poster, a catalogue, a ticket and an invitation designed for a (fake) exhibition on the typographer Adrian Frutiger. The aim was to represent the typographer and his design philosophy.

Flowchart Recipes

An attempt to present food recipes in a more visual and logic way. This cookbook contains three recipes for Italian dishes.

Eastwood Coffee Packaging

Packaging concept for a line of Clint Eastwood coffee.

The American Poetry Review

Redesigning the style and layout of The American Poetry Review by putting more emphasis on the text content, but still allowing illustrative interpretations of the poems.

One Image One word

An exploration of messages that can be conveyed by applying one word to an image or incorporating a word as a part of an image.

Portland General Electrics Annual Report 2011

A twenty page annual report for Portland General Electrics focusing on the keywords conveyed by the president of the organization.

The Element Radiator

A conceptual design for a radiator. 35 bulbs give just as much heat and energy as a normal radiator with the exception that it constantly shows its status with its bright light. This prototype aims at visualizing the energy consumed while heating the home as it reacts to the thermal properties of the room. My focus in this project was on concept development, prototype construction, design and graphical presentation.

I designed this during my 1,5 years at the Interactive Institute in Sweden. Anton Gustafsson did all the electronics and programming.

The Power-Aware Cord

Designed to visualise the current use of electricity of the appliances connected with it through glowing pulses, flow, and intensity of light.The cord may be used as a tool for people to rediscover energy in their homes as well as an ambient display to see energy consumption at a glance at any given time. I designed this during my 1,5 years at the Interactive Institute in Sweden. Anton Gustafsson did all the electronics and programming.

Concept Halogen Microwave Oven

An oven concept providing better overview of cooking, direct and relevant controls, easy-to-clean glass and halogen elements for a closer and more exact cooking process. The normally mocked microwave oven suddenly becomes a real cooking tool. An Interaction design master thesis work in collaboration with Electrolux, Stockholm 2004.